Do we need to worry about national "Do Not Call" r

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Let's say that I find out about a house in foreclosure and I am able to get the phone number for the owner. Would it be A Bad Idea for me to actually call them to make first contact? I've noticed in foreclosure letters that they ask the owner to call the investor at XXX-XXXX. Do investors have to worry about these telemarketing laws / the National Do Not Call registry?

I would play it safe and say yes. They made no effort to call us to get the information so we essentially are cold calling for the sale which sounds a lot like telemarketing to me.

YUP. That is why it is always better to get them to call you. Of course, you will find out that other investors might be calling them regardless of the DNC rules, but you don't really want to get mixed up in that. If they call you first (say...after they get a letter or see a sign) then all is fair.