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Hi BP,

I Bought a foreclosure .Title recommended an inquiry to determine if the sold 2008 and 2013 tax Certificates sold require Redemption from a 3rd party.can someone explain please .The property is in Broward County Florida.


If those certificates have not been redeemed (paid off) you owe that money to the certificate holders.  They can send the property to a Tax Deed auction.  The 2008 certificate will expire in June of next year, and the 2013 certificate can foreclose/send to tax deed auction as early as June next year.  Back taxes/certificates should always be checked with foreclosures.  Make absolutely sure the Tax Collector has your Correct address.  If an auction is scheduled, they are only required to send the notice to the address on file....with an incorrect/out dated address, you don't receive notice, the property is sold, you have no recourse.

@Wayne Brooks

Thank you, I really appreciate your help. 

It shows in the records that the certificates were redeemed. It says that this parcel has a redeemed certificate for 2008 and 2013. In addition, it says that they have a past due tax bill for 2015. I'm surprised. What would be the reason that the title company would recommend an inquiry?



Don't know why they would mention it then.  Best bet, call the Tax Collector.  Certificates don't usually get redeemed by the lender if they're foreclosing first.  2015 taxes are due, but not behind, weren't even payable til Nov 1st.  Not due til March, you get a 3% discount if paid during December