New Owner at Foreclosure Required to Pay HOA Lawyer fees?

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Hello All, 

This is my first post. I had recently purchased a property in a HOA community - this being my 5th in that particular community. However, and surprisingly, the HOA lawyer is demanding a steep $1,650 in so called "HOA lawyer fees" in addition to $1200 HOA dues.

For past properties, I have worked directly with the HOA to negotiate a final HOA amount and paid it off. I had to nod my head in disbelief that the lawyer is asking for "more in fees" VS the actual HOA dues. Does anybody have any prior experience dealing with this?

They have sent me a 45 day statutory demand letter threatening to place a lien on the property if I do not pay up.

Any advise in this regard will be appreciated.

This is not uncommon. The HOA Lawyers are all greedy and jack up their fees, but in most cases you can negotiate to settle for much less than that. Ask for a breakdown in their fees to justify this. Start off by offering 25%. If you have a good lawyer on your side, get them to do the negotiating for you.

Yep, it's part of the HOA debt. HOA attorney fees always seem to be higher than Mtg foreclosure attorney fees. I paid about that amount in HOA attorney fees in the same situation.

@Abbas Lokh

Time for you to use your influence with the board to find a new lawyer for the HOA. More than likely if you can get in contact with the president you can use your 5 votes to have him on your side.

I'm rather surprised the HOA even negotiates. Most of the HOAs I've dealt with are wise to the legal standing that you have absolutely no foreclosure protection as a 3rd party buying at the courthouse steps.