Investing in Australian Property for Capital Growth

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Most international buyers are shocked as to how CHEAP it really is to buy and hold Australian residential real estate.  

Most investors are also shocked as to the long term capital appreciation achieved by investing in Aussie property and holding for at least one full property cycle.  

This is due to the VERY attractive tax structure created by the Australian government, the availability of mainstream bank financing, and the low entry cost due to the low Australian dollar.  

Please contact me if you are interested to learn more 

Hi Federico, 

Thanks for the pointer about the marketplace.  I should really have had a better look around the site before making my first post!

I'm not kidding about cheap though. 

Seeing as you studied at UQ, using an inner Brisbane suburb for an example, you can get a new apartment giving the maximum tax benefits from as low as A$350k.  This generally means 10% down, 10% in 18-24 months when its built, totally a USD outlay of only approx. $52,000 (assuming 80% loan which are available) 

This would also create an excellent cash flow scenario for Australia where the rent should cover all of the bank interest, ongoing holding costs like building maintenance/body corporate fees, property management fees and annual tax returns.  It might even end up cash flow positive, but the cash flow wouldn't be huge. 

The appeal to a property like this would be in potential long term appreciation.

I'd be delighted to go through my numbers with you on the phone or skype if you're interested?  I'm always looking to team up with professional partners.  My skype name is danacitylife and my mobile here in oz is 0411324509. 

hope to hear from you soon 


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So you're talking off the plan properties?

For that kind of money/outlay or less you can buy a home in the Mid-west which will cash flow.

I get where you're going and I don't knock the hassle just that majority of investors are going for cash flow from day 1 and not banking on future growths

Off plan and/or completed, just new stock as this has the maximum depreciation allowances over here which assists in the cash flow. 

I realise many invest for cash flow, but many people also want to diversify their portfolios.  This is a great way to control an asset with a much higher cost base with a view for long term capital grown, than is perhaps possible with single family homes in the mid-west. 

Definitely could be ideal for someone looking for an international property to add to the portfolio