Connecticut Foreclosure Process

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Hi All,

I'm setting up my wholesaling marketing system to target pre-foreclosures.  Question is: in the state of Connecticut, is there a difference between a Lis Pendens and a "Foreclosure Registration"?



@Michael Fundaro . I am not sure what type of marketing (and what area of CT) you are doing, but I bet there are a % that may not meet the wholesale criteria that may want to try and list with a broker (short sale or not). I would be interested in chatting with you if our search area is similar. Good luck either way, and hope to chat soon. Rick

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Foreclosure mailings are good.  I have had successful deals from them.

- Lis Pens is the banks filing in the land records that they started the foreclosure process.

- A Foreclose Registration is also known as a 'Vacant Property Registration' where foreclosed properties register with the town to notify them they acquired a property through foreclosure and/or the property is vacant.  It's not in the land records, they manage it separately.  It provides an owner contact and local contact if someone needs to be reached in regards to the property.  These are already bank owned and would be a waste of time.