I need help! Bond for deed situation.

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I was contacted by a friend to help keep him out of foreclosure and I am not sure where to go from here. Here's the facts:

3/2 1900 sqft

highly sought after area, it would rent right away for $1850

Purchased 2 years ago so has very little equity

Interest rate is 4.1%

He hasn't made payments since August

Filed for bankruptcy last year

Willing to do a bond for deed and I would assume the loan

Should I even take on this property knowing that it has no equity? Is there a way I can contact his bank and get a reduced amount to get the loan up to date?

Would the property cash flow if you assumed the loan? How much is the back due payments?

Unless if it cash flowed and the reinstatement was very low, I'd likely go for purchasing it below fair market value 100% of the time if I wanted the property and had the means to acquire it.

Sent you a PM.