Sheriff sale foreclosure

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I bought a condo at a sheriff sale in Summit County, Ohio in the first week of July. I paid all the taxes and the title/deed was transferred to my name as of August 30. I made several attempts to reach out to anyone who might've been inhabiting the home. I received no response. I broke in through the front door and changed the lock. The property had no electricity, lots of excess trash and garbage everywhere, windows open, and a lot of personal items still remaining. Although the place looked totally uninhabitable, The personal items looked as though they may be valuable to someone. I left my contact info on the front door just in case anyone was coming and going. The previous owner contacted me the following day and was pissed. He asked me to meet him the next day with a key so he could get his items from the property on Sept 7th. He admit to me, both via text message and verbally, that he was not living at the property, just keeping his stuff there. I gave him a copy of the key so he could remove his items at leisure. Not surprisingly, September 7 came and went with no movement of his stuff. He asked me to meet him again on October 7, and again he didn't show up. I have filed a writ of possession and a motion to post. Hopefully, this will take place Tuesday or Wednesday this week. As I understand, he has 5 days after the Sheriff posts the paper on the door to remove his items, then I can throw them away? Anything I should be aware of? Thanks for your help in advance! Definitely don't want to be sued!

You did the right thing by doing a proper eviction...

"As I understand, he has 5 days after the Sheriff posts the paper on the door to remove his items".. 

I believe the number of days may differ state to state. In NC it is 7 days after posting. The notice should specify how many days the previous owner has to remove his/her stuff. Or you can call the sheriff's office to find out.

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