Ejection process in Alabama

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We recently bought a foreclosed home at an auction through Sirote knowing that the previous owners were still living there.  An investor friend explained to us that it's better to speak with the previous homeowners (peacefully) after having the deed recorded and notify them that we bought the house and that we are giving them a period of time to vacate the property and offering them a cash for keys agreement as well as having them sign a quit claim deed. Has anyone else purchased a property still occupied? Is it necessary to speak to them directly? What if no one answers the door? Would having a certified letter explaining everything suffice? What are the proper steps in the ejection process?

I'm interested in this as well.  It hasn't come up yet as I usually buy vacant, but thanks to another BP member, I'm looking more closely at distressed sellers and the deals I can get there.  Thanks for posting.  :-)

I think it is always better to speak with them directly. The few times I have had to do this I have went and spoken to them. I think you make better progress at getting them out if you are friendly and try to offer cash for keys rather than just sending a legal letter to them saying they are being kicked out. The legal process also takes time so if you can speak to them and work out a deal it's going to save you time and money. My two cents.

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