Best way to contact apartment/multifamily owners?

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Hello all, I have been educating and networking for about 3 months now. I am looking to start my investing career in multifamily and have located about 5 properties in my area that I have an eye on. Could anybody possibly provide advice on the best way to contact the owners? Is it direct mail? If so should I send a LOI? or just an advertisement? Would calling them be too direct? Advice on general things like this would be greatly appreciated. Thank you, and have a wonderful day, Hunter Bullock

@T. Hunter Bullock

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Direct mail is great when you are targeting a large amount of properties and truly want a deal. If you have a small number of properties, you're better off door-knocking or cold-calling *if* you know how to talk to sellers. You need to know how to listen for DMF. If those are the only 5 properties that work for you, you might want to try calling some Craigslist FSBO to practice your listening/negotiating skills for a deal. You don't want to ruin the 5 that you really want if you don't know how to talk to sellers.

If you want, I can send you scripts to help you understand how to talk and listen to sellers. Just hit me up if you want.

Best of luck.

@Ray Lai I would love to receive your scripts as well. I am in the same boat as @t. hunter bullock. My email is Will.eagles @

I think calling is a great strategy. I've done it, and have never found it to be too direct. I second what Ray said about needing to know how to talk to sellers. If you're not very personable or well spoken, consider the direct mail route. 

If you're having trouble finding the owners' contact info, do a search on local for rent ads. Their number will be listed there if they currently have an opening. Also, when a landlord has an opening is a more stressful time, so they may be more receptive to listen to a potential buyer! 

@ Ray Lai I would be interested in hearing your script for talking to owners. 

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