How To Find Track Down Owners of Pre-Foreclosures

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Hello everyone, 

My name is Tim and I'm know to the creative process of property investing. I currently own three properties in North Carolina that I have managed for over 8 years.  Now that I've been introduced to creative purchasing strategies such as Wholesaling, Subject-To, and Sandwich Lease Option to name a few, I'm ready to reach out to potential motivated sellers. 

I recently began searching public notices for homeowners who are going through the pre-foreclosure process and I'm finding it difficult to locate the current owners.  I would like to know if anyone knows a way to track down the owner quickly and how to filter through public notices faster and more effectively. 


@Tim Kirkpatrick

Go to your county assessor's website and search through their. Not sure how it works in your county, but in my own, searching the public records is free and I can locate the owner of any property unless the property is in a trust or LLC. Even then, there is a mailing address for such entities.

Thanks, the only problem is the address that's provided on the county site is the same address of the house that's being foreclosed. I don't think the owner lives there anymore. 

How can I track down the owners new place of residence?

@Tim Kirkpatrick

The tax assessor's office will have the last address where the tax bill was sent to, which might be an old address.

I double check the address against people search sites like WhitePages Premium, Intelius, BeenVerified, Inquiso or you can pay for a higher skip tracing service like Acurint or TLO by Transunion. 

As far as WhitePages, Intelius, etc. it is a trial and error situation: certain sites tend to perform better in certain areas and not as well in other, so I personally play around with all of them at different times. My accuracy rate right now is about 70% using WhitePages Premium and BeenVerified.

Those sites will give you also cell phone numbers, mailing address and relatives phone numbers (plus social media profiles.)

Thank you Laura, I've used Beenverified however I have not tried to use it in conjunction with another people search app. I'll try that this afternoon.

Tim, I live in NC let me know if there is anything that I can help you with.

I live in Augusta, Ga. and all we have to do is go to the county website and search online maps.  Once, you pull that up, enter in the address of the home and the owners name as well as where their bill goes pops up.  That website also gives you what they paid for it and when.  

Originally posted by @Cody DeLong :

Facebook. It does wonders

 I totally agree with you. Social media is incredible for search efforts. I manage collections and fraud in my department as well as general servicing, and I can't tell you how many incidents that have been resolved in our department due to the incessant posts of the subject on Facebook and other social media.

@Ron S. Literally am closing a wholesale deal right now due to Facebook. Also if you're dealing with a probate where possibly you have other names that were on a will you can double check friends lists to make sure it's the right person with that name.  That way you don't waste your time messaging, mailing, or calling people who aren't them.  I will say getting a random FB message is sort of out of the ordinary but these days I think people are way more receptive to it.  It's more personal as you get to see who the person messaging you really is.  I use my personal FB (a lot of stuff private of course) but this way they can at least see my face, that I live near them, what I do, and get a small picture that I am who I say I am.  I feel that goes a long way with people these days.

I I appreciate the information Cody I'll try FB.

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