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Hi! I am new to biggerPockets and I would like to know how I can acquire a foreclosures list. The market place that I am interested in has so many homes that have been foreclosed and appear to be abandoned but I am sure they are bank owned. How can I get this list?

@China Sistrunk I honestly don't have enough experience to know for sure if it works the same way everywhere, but as far as here in my county, there's a requirement of having the preforeclosures in the newspaper for 4 weeks prior to the actual foreclosure. Foreclosure auctions here, happen the first Tuesday of every month. I usually pick up the newspaper the Friday/Saturday of that week, as it will have the fresh properties that will be foreclosed the coming month.

New York is a Judicial Foreclosure State which means the mortgage holder must sue the mortgage holder and receive a judgement from the court which I assume is public information.  There should be a way to get that information.

@China Sistrunk I've tried to find lists in the Bronx before but just couldn't find anything. If you find anything please tell me how you found it, thanks!

Just Google Bronx Pre-Foreclosure listings and you will see several places to get what you want. Personally, I use Property Shark.

@China Sistrunk

I use RPR which is exclusive to Realtors. There are also great sites like propertyshark and geadatadirect. Now there is a difference between REO's and foreclosures. REO's are after the foreclosure has taken place and the note holder(bank,etc...) does not always release it right away, but when they do they are listed on sites like the MLS. You can also use sites like and that list alot of these type of properties. Zillow will give you preforeclosures and will give you info on auctions taking place on their site or courthouse steps. Goodluck!!

Thank you all for your advice, I will definitely look into all of the information that you all have provided for me.

@Michael Kantar I will definitely do that.

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