List Building Criteria for Foreclosures

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Originally posted by @Richard B. :

Hello BP Community! Could you share with us the list building criteria you use to find foreclosures. We're going to be using Thank you.

 1) Rule 1 - Contact a real estate attorney and ask what the laws are regarding foreclosures in the state you are working including the S.A.F.E. laws

2) See rule # 1

Originally posted by @Richard B. :

Thank you @Bill T. for sharing your experience with us.

Best wishes!

 If you get past the legal hurdles, let me know. I've done pre-foreclosures for about 25 years but not in NV. The rules have changed over the years and you have to be sooo careful nowadays. It's possible to team up and for me to teach you how to do them as a profit split if you are interested and if it's legal in NV.