Child Support & Judicial Foreclosures in Oregon

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I read online that child support liens are treated as superior to primary mortgages in some states, even when the date incurred is after the mortgage, much like property tax liens or utility liens, which survive the foreclosure process.

Does anyone know if this is the case with child support in the state of Oregon? Assuming the defendants were properly served, would a child support judgement entered in at a later date than a foreclosing mortgage be wiped through the foreclosure process, or would it survive? Thanks!

not in my experience of  buying around 500 court house steps properties.. but I have not bought one in a few years.. however I doubt things have changed..

although Oregon went to sherrif sales from trustee sales during the robo signing debacle that could be different..

the only thing I have seen survive in Oregon in property tax's  and senior deferral ( got to watch out for that one its sneaky) and IRS liens.. which sunset in 120 days and I have never seen IRS redeem.

Thank you for insight, Jay. I recently passed up on a judicial foreclosure in part due to an outstanding  senior deferral and IRS liens. That's helpful information. 

Do you know if the senior deferral is sure to stay, or just sometimes? Any luck with negotiating deferral down after purchase? Do you have any tips in general for negotiating with lien holders (property tax/cities utilities/IRS) after purchase? 

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