Help needed. Prior owner eviction in Mississippi ?

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Hello all, I recently bought a Jackson, Miss. foreclosure through a online auction. I had my agent drive by with the instructions to " just take pics from your car, don't go on the property". Well she got out of the car to take pics and was confronted by a man who said he was the owner and what was she doing there. She explained to him that the house was bought in a foreclosure and she was there to take pics to send to new owner. That set him off with the why, what for's and there's a mistake speech. She called me while being confronted by the former owner and I told her to immediately tell him she had the wrong address and get out back into her car and leave.  Once she was cleared away from there I explained to her to never put herself in that position again, very dangerous.

Anyways, to those who has knowledge on the removal process of a prior owner law in Mississippi please chime in with any help you can give. I plan on hiring a lawyer but I like to be educated prior before talking to anyone about business. 

Thanks in advance.

Mississippi does not have a right of redemption so, assuming the foreclosure was valid, have your attorney evict...from a distance!

you need a RE attorney that is local.  let me know if you need a reference

@Ron S. and @David Edge , Thanks. I may hire the Attorney on record as Foreclosure Trustee. David I will reach out to you if they will not take it.

@David Edge , I will take you up on your of of reference. I need a eviction attorney.  Also send me any deals that you have.


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