Pre-foreclosures--> Knocking on doors

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From all that I have read, I am getting the distinct feeling that most in the wholesaling business, no matter what other marketing efforts they perform, have the most success when they knock on doors. Is this true?

It would help me have a reasonable expectation as I am working towards knocking on doors, but not ready to do it yet. Also, my husband is worried for me going into strangers homes when knocking on doors (i.e. - people unleashing their dogs on me, etc.)

Face-to-face contact in any situation provides you the greatest opportunity to buy any property, especially if you're dealing with foreclosures. Most people facing foreclosure have their head firmly placed in la-la land. Unless you can help them first face the reality of their situation and then actually help them with their situation, you won't get much out of preforeclosures. Obviously the best way to help them work through probably the worst time in their life, is in person.

A woman who is constantly working with strangers does pose some inherent risks. I've never heard of anyone unleashing dogs, but there are risks, and you should be aware and conscious of them. If I were a woman in this business I would definitely atleast carry pepper spray or some alternative. In Texas you can even carry a handgun in your purse if you are properly licensed.

Now on the bright side of things, women in general are much more approachable than men. A person will naturally feel less intimidated if there is a woman at the door than a man. This leads to a better opportunity to connect and break through their walls. I use to run a door-to-door sales team and woman were by far my best salespeople.