Is It Worth It To Skip Trace The List?

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I generate all types of leads; probates, foreclosures, tax delinquent, etc. Usually when I collect the records only the name and address is available. I have the means to skip trace the leads and also offer the phone numbers for each lead. Is this worth doing for the potential lead purchaser? Would the list of leads be more valuable to you as an investor or wholesaler if the skip trace was already done for you? 

Thanks for your input! Trying to find ways to provide the most efficient and highest quality leads.

Skip Trace is a term that originated from debt collectors and private/public investigators. It is a way to find current contact info and whereabouts from old/incomplete contacts and whereabouts.

When used by a Real Estate professional "skip tracing" refers to obtaining phones numbers from name and address info of property owners. 

If you need help with skip tracing you can definitely contact me.