Greetings All, I would love to hear from anyone welling to help. My wife and I received our pre-approval letter last Friday. We desire to house hack by purchasing a duplex in need of a rehab. We are currently renting and are tired of it. Whiling riding my speed-bike (biking for dollars) around our neighborhood, I came across a good amount of vacant multi-family buildings with absolutely no “for sale” nor any owner information. I wrote down all the addresses and did the following for the building we desire the most: -Researched and called Cook County Assessors -Researched and called the Water Dept. -Looked up the pin/address on the Deed Department -City of Chicago: Building Department The personnel at the water department told me that this particular building is owned by the city. My question is how do I find the seller of this property? I am really not sure if the City of Chicago owns it. If it is owned by the city, is there a process to purchase a vacant building? The taxes, although late this year, have been paid each year. Our goal is to purchase low and rehab (203K). Just looking at the exterior, a lot of money needs to be put in this building, which we hope to be covered with our mortage loan. It is in the PERFECT location for us and we are very confident we will attract good tenants. I spoke with my realtor and he told me that I am approaching this building like a wholesaler. If I am, would any wholesalers (especially in Chicago) be willing to give your wisdom? Please advise DB