I recently won a property on hudson&Marshall.

I know I should have done a title search, but I dropped the ball. Overall, they are giving me 15 days to close.

Service link is offering title insurance, but I am getting the following phrases from Hudson and Marshall..

"Just to be clear I did not say all liens and judgements would be paid in full because that is not something we can guarantee.

Per the email I sent you on 06/25 I reminded you of our terms and conditions that buyer is to complete their own due diligence which includes a title search as we do not guarantee free & clear title. Seller will pay liens on title as long as no additional repairs are needed. The Seller will pay delinquent property taxes & HOA dues as long as it is in statute with the foreclosure. If there is code violation, the repairs and cost will be at buyer's expense. Once you have done a title search if you have a specific question regarding something on title feel free to reach out to me to discuss."

With that being said, I am struggling in what to do. I really want this house for my family, but do not want to run into title issues as the home is very expensive already.

Emails from sellers closing company / servicelink who is working for Hudson&Marshall...

Email I sent to service link..

"And just to confirm, ALL liens and judgement or any other issues with the title will be satisfied before closing. So we will have a clear title Correct?".


"That is correct, anything that is not on the contract as an exception if you purchase title will be addressed."

Now what is a exception?

They would not verify...

I'm lost at this point. I can't get the two of them on the same page.

My attorneys laugh about 15 day closing..

Please advise as this is my dream home and I really don't want to lose it if the property title is clean.