Where is the auction date listed....I am chasing NOD's

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I have been chasing notice of defaults (pre-foreclosures) in Weber and Davis County for a few months. I have been following up with a few leads for a couple months now. I know that their auction date must be getting close or at least announced.

From what I have heard this is supposed to be publicly listed. Where can I find out their auction sale date?

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@Nathan P. The notice of default gives a 90 day notice to cure the loan, in other words, bring it current. If the borrower doesn't bring it current, an additional notice is recorded, called a Notice of Sale. These are public records too and they contain the time, date, and place of the auction.

@William Robison thank you very much for that website. I found the notice immediately. Looks like the property is going to be sold next Tuesday! Yikes.

I have been chasing these NOD's since early fall. The title company I work with sends me a list once a day. Its seems to have been a consistent steady amount of defaults primarily in the war zones of Ogden.

@Nathan P. We maintain a list of homes going to auction along the wastach front and back mostly for the investors we service that buy those homes at auction at the court house. I have not gone the NOD route yet but see how it might be worth it.

Are you making cash offers to the NODs or offering some sort of plan to prevent them from going to auction?

@Eric Gardiner thats correct I am trying to catch these homes before they get to auction and get the homeowners some money if they have equity.

I find out alot about some of the properties that end up at auction if thats ever of value to know what your bidding on?