Buying SFR direct from foreclosed mortgage company

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Has anyone successfully bought a property from a mortgage company that has already foreclosed and tried multiple times to auction the property? A SFR that has been on an auction site for 6-9 months and has never met the reserve is opening up again. I am wondering is there any way to do an end around and talk with someone direct at the mortgage company to buy it that way? Anyone have experience with this?

I never experienced this but on one auction sit where I was the only bidder for months on end, the auction site called me and asked if I would offer a higher amount. I was offering $58k. They wanted $89k. I know they relayed my conversation with them to the seller.

I told them that I could not offer that much without seeing the inside as I could see that the house was missing the ridge line on the roof and since it was a 1900 house I did not know if it was plaster and lath or drywall or paneling and how damaged it was from rain.  And I did not know anything about mold and the condition of the inside, the outside was so over grown one could not get to the front porch.  The auction person said that then maybe they should proceed with eviction and see if they could get the house available for viewing.  I said that the people had moved out months ago, but they left tons of stuff.

The listing disappeared from the website.  They did a possession proceeding in court and put the stuff out in the rain for a month then hauled it away.  The neighbor put in an offer for $34k or $37k and got the house the day I put in my post clean up offer.  The realtor I work with let me make an offer pre-public listing, but the neighbor's offering was first.  

Oh, and the floors were rotten. So it likely would not have been allowed on the MLS as when you walked on the floor your feet went through. The guys cleaning it out fell through the floor after the layers of clothing and trash was picked up. Some rooms had good wood, others not. The neighbor said that 2 owners back they replaced the floors in several rooms. Guess the last owners just put clothes and trash on the floors for support. No carpet, no tile, just fiberboard that was rotten. No visible mold from the water leak, ceilings were ok walls too. BUT boy was the place a pigsty! Cobwebs handing 4 feet down full of roaches! So gross!

I am glad the neighbors got it!  They did not want to live next door to people like the last occupants and would have been hard on renters.

And the bank, for all their work doing the possession, lost $20k and many months by not selling it to me on the auction.