Property Liens in Nassau County, New York

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I'm having a hard time figuring out how THOROUGHLY research a property in terms of any kind of liens that can possibly be on it.  This is specifically for Nassau County, New York.  The county website is difficult to navigate in my opinion.  Can anyone out there shed some light on the process?


The only way to THOROUGHLY do the research on a property is to go to to your county clerk's office and do the actual document digging yourself, or better, hire an abstract company to research the title.  Other than that, see the disclosure on the county's website:  

"Online information may be partial and does not take the place of a search of actual documents. Please refer to the microfilm, fiche, and image library for other document specific information. In addition, sealed or expunged records may not be disclosed."


Typically you will have to fill out a FOIL form.  Depending on the municipality it will take some time unless you get to know someone. 

I would also check the tax receiver and housing.  

Of course, putting an offer in subject too - would give you the time and eliminate the headache.  At that point, the title company will provide all the necessary documents. 

@Francene Iaizzo , since this is pre-contract, you might consider having the standard language  making the closing subject to clear title.  If it's a good opportunity, you might want to get it into contract asap and all subject to your due diligence.  Just a thought.