How to find out how open liens and their balance?

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I found a Home going through a court ordered sale via a bankruptcy. I found the mortgage company but still owns this property. I want to make an offer however I would like to know how much is owed on the house and if there are any outside liens. Any Help or guidance is greatly appreciated!

You don't get to know balances and its not relevant to your objective anyway. if the BK court is selling it, they are selling it at fair market value. They have to. Not doing so is preferential treatment to one creditor over another and could be challenged in court. As far as liens are concerned, you could order and pay for a prelim.

Finding the mortgage company is also irrelevant. A) they don't own it, the borrower does. B) you can't negotiate with them as the trustee of the BK court controls the sale.

Everyone wants to know balances. Lots of people sell snake oil, fake, concocted balances that are just guesses. They only list that exists with balances is a borrower's credit report and you can't get it, have it, or buy it. You could ask the borrower for a copy of their statement but that's just the principle balance you will get, if they give it to you, not the payoff. Even if you could get it (illegally), it wouldn't help you in this situation as the balances are zeroed out after the BK.

If it's for sale, contact the agent listing the sale and make an offer. If there is no agent, it's not for sale, at least yet.