Where do I find foreclosure auctions on maui, hawaii

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@A Pettie

I’m over in Oahu and can’t speak to Maui County, but typically that info would reside on the county’s or county related website. Also, foreclosure auctions are not usually done one at a time; usually as a group on a single day or the week or month. Maui’s newspaper would likely have a few dates listed. Not a clear and confident answer, but I hope it gets you going in the right direction until someone more knowledgeable steps in!

My friend Jeff video tapes every single foreclosure auction on Maui and puts them on his youtube channel, here is the last auction,
He also keeps an up to date spreadsheet at mauiredlist.com 

Option 2 is to start looking at the newspaper for auction dates. As mike said above auction.com will sometimes also have the auction dates on their site. 

Originally posted by @A Pettie :

Hi, I am a newbie in RE investment. Where do I find foreclosure auction dates on Maui county?

 As someone that buys a lot at the auction I would highly recommend that you do at least 3-5 non auction deals first. I’ve seen a lot of people lose a lot of money because they don’t have experience in RE and buy something at auction without doing a critical step in due diligence. And once you make your bid you can’t cancel if you find out there’s a $350,000 lien that is not going to be removed at closing. Even with having 15 years experience professionally in RE myself, it’s still extremely risky. 

Anyway it’s also gotten nearly impossible to get a deal at the auction because of the number of people flooding into the auctions now that don’t know how to buyer right. Last week I bid on a property, one that I had emotional connection to and I was ok with overpaying. But a bunch of complete newbies showed up that had no idea what they were doing and drove the price up to market value - which means the winner actually paid well above market value only to assume all of the risk that comes w buying at auction. There are better deal sources, at least until things change again. 

Talk to @Christian Cramer he’s an investor and realtor on Maui. He’ll help you find a deal without risking losing everything. I have a couple deals available right now too that I may wholesale. A house and cottage in kula for 800, a 2/1.5 at harbor lights for 105, and a 3 unit house in Makawao for 585. PM me if interested. 

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