Unpaid Water Bills and Taxes

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Delinquent taxes are typically listed on line as they are public record. You would typically need the APN to start your search and maybe the property situs address. Delinquent utility bills? Not so sure you can find those on line.

Unpaid water bills.  Not sure you find that online.  Probably have to talk to a dozen people or more at the water department.  If all you hear is "No" then you would need to submit a freedom of information request and potentially pay for a list.

Delinquent taxes...probably easiest is pay a service for it.  If you don't want to do that, then talk with a taxing entity.  Maybe the county, maybe the ISD, maybe some other taxing agency.  It's probably all the same list, but asking different people might get you different answers.  I would guess most people start at the county, and almost no one at the ISD.  You may have to pay for it...or take a thumb drive and see if they will download for free.   

One thing you want to do though is figure out how to limit the list.  For example you may only want people with at least 3 years past due.  You may only want homes that are assessed at $100,000 or more...or less than $100,000.  You may only want Single Family Homes, not lots, not commercial, etc.   Have to think about what you want and what you can afford to go after....otherwise you get way too much data you can't use in many cases.

@Corey W. Scales You can contact the county directly to get a list of the delinquent property tax lists. Every county is different. As for unpaid water bills...I dont think most cities make that information available. Dallas does have a water shut off list. I pulled it once. There were about 12k properties on it🤦🏽‍♀️😭