How to Get Foreclosed Owners/Tenants Out of House After Closing?

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We are closing on a couple auction properties and there are owners in one of them. We want to work with them as much as possible because obviously this is a difficult time for them, and we don't want to just kick them out. 

What have you all done in the past in this situation? Cash for keys, pay first month of new housing, etc?


Once closed,the former owners will become tenants at will.  If they haven't already been served with some form of termination notice, you can begin the process towards eviction or cash for keys, as long as they are willing to not trash the place on the way out.

@Adam Soelberg Try cash for keys first. We typically don't offer more than 1% max of the homes value in exchange for the occupant to leave the property in broom swept condition within 30-45 days. Much better to get their cooperation and ensure that they don't damage the property.

If they play games or refuse, proceed with eviction.