Preforeclosure Help in Orange County NY

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Hey everyone! I found a two family in an area I’m very interested in moving to and would house hack at least for the first year by living on one side and renting other side. It’s in preforeclosure now and I wanted to know best way of going about approaching owner? I was thinking about leaving a letter in their mailbox along with a few of the other homes that way I don’t single out this owner. Also I would write a generic letter stating if owner is looking to sell home to reach out to me as I don’t want to be too aggressive on the owners unfortunate situation. Best option to finance other than cash?  Also, if there are any realtors who specialize in this in the Orange County NY area (home is in warwick) please PM me! Thanks!

Homes EMV is $264k and AVM is $321k (

Leave the owner a note "Sick of making mortgage payments?  Let me do this for you.  Your name and phone #".

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