How do you find properties before they are auctioned?

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I am trying to find a resource/website that list properties that have missed a tax payment. Every website that pops up on my search engine only shows NOD/short sales and bankruptcies. I would like to be able to identify properties before they get to that point. County Tax Assessor websites only list auction dates (which there are not going to be many now, thanks covid). I was told by my broker that Realist used to be able to show a properties missed payment but I do not see that information accessible anymore. Am I looking in the wrong spot or not searching the right key words. Any advice would be great.

There is no way to identify properties before they get to the point of the filing of the foreclosure NOD, unless you have access to someone's credit report and you would not have access legally.

For tax filings, you can type in an address for any property in that county, on the county tax website and it will tell you if they've missed a tax payment but in California, they can miss a payment for five years before they risk sale and they could be years delinquent and on a payment plan. 

Your title company can pull that information for you. If you keep them busy they should be able to do that for you complimentary.