Ashland Auction - Baltimore Maryland

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Does anyone have experience with Ashland Auction? They work out of Baltimore Maryland. 

I am a still looking for my first deal and have identified quite a few houses they have available as good options, but am hesitant about the 10% sellers premium as well as the process of going through an auction. 

Hi @Christopher Brandenburg ,

I have experience with Ashland Auctions but are you asking if they are a legitimate auction house? Because if so then yes, absolutely they are a legitimate auction house, they work hundreds of properties every year and have been doing so for many years as well. If you are asking if all the deals they sell are great? then the answer is no, just like any auction house not all the deals are great, you have to do your homework, understand the costs associated with auction houses and then make your choice. I have seen properties they sell with reserve prices higher than the MLS but its all about the buyers, that's not the auction house. In terms of fees well all action houses have them just factor them in your purchase, round the numbers and see if the deal makes sense for you. Best of luck!