Investing in apartment complexes

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I am not a new investor but I am looking to level up into apartment complexes. It seems to be a daunting task as I don't really know what to analyze. If anyone has experience finding, analyzing, and managing apartments or if you are looking for an investor please reach out. I have the capital, just not the knowledge so I'm trying to change that.

Hey @Allen Smith , not sure if you like listening to podcasts, but there a ton of great multifamily podcasts these days that can help you get started.

I got started by reading books and listening to a ton of podcasts to help me get familiar with the process and lingo, then started attending local multifamily meetups, and eventually invested as a limited partner (passive investment). All of these laid a pretty good foundation that helped me transition into the general partnership side (active investor/operator). Feel free to reach out if you want to discuss. Good luck on your journey!

@Allen Smith

Hey Allen,

Feel free to join my Facebook group, “Freedom through Multifamily”

It is a group that is all things multi family. There are active operators, investors, insurance agents, contractors, attorneys etc in the group.

Happy to help any way so feel free to reach out


From an Insurance perspective, you need to check to see if your current agent can handle the complexes.  Insurance for Apartment complexes is generally written on commercial forms.  An agent who had good markets for 1-4 family properties may not for the larger.