preinstall tv wall mount and ceiling fans in a rental property

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i bought a home recently and thinking about few things. should i pre-install tv (which can accommodate 32-60 inch) wall mount in living room and ceiling fans in it? i am worried about renters trying to install wall mount(s) (not only in living room, bed rooms) and remove it when they leave and worried about wall damage. or should i mention in lease not to install wall mounts any where in the house? any thoughts/suggestions?

@Bruce Woodruff good point, but who should bear the cost of installation and equipment. generally people will have more than 1 tv now a days (1 in living room, loft if there is one and bed room(s)). should i mention in lease that only place allowed to have tv wall mount is in living room and other places are not allowed? i know, it's bit tricky question/situation. again appreciate your inputs/experience.

Maybe offer to split the cost, making them use your guy. Usually $125 to hang a TV so $62.50 for you per TV. Or just make them use your guy and let them pay it all, depends how nice you want to be.

@Bill Ward of course not ☹️. I guess I better not pre install wall mount to avoid these kinds of issues. Same case with ceiling fans as well I guess. So better not install them as well ( which saves some money)

@Bill Ward I personally like fans in all rooms and installed fans in my primary residence myself and none of them fall off 😀. I will try to install them in this rental as well.

If you install the wall mounts, which I am not recommending for or against, I would include the brackets that connect to the tv and make them returnable.  This will prevent the tenants from using improper brackets.  Just make sure you make them return them.  I would also specify what size/weight the mount can support and make them acknowledge that they are responsible for any damage to the TV if using the mount you installed.  

One of my favorite pics, though not the pic of ours when it happened to one of our tenants. He said the TV bracket was installed by the Geek Squad & he did pay for the wall repair. So I refuse to allow the tenant to do it.

The same tenant also MOVED an upper kitchen cabinet & when I noticed it askew I found only one 1 5/8 drywall screw was holding the thin plywood backing into a stud the rest were just imbedded in the 1/2 drywall.

@Ramki D. - I usually upgrade ceiling lights to ceiling fans with light kits (the replaceable bulbs are superior to the integrated led lights that make the light area smooth but are nearly impossible to change without changing the fan). I get my fans on sale at Costco $79-99 Hunter with a remote or at Home Depot (something like the Vaurgas with the 3 bulbs). I’ve had the tenants lose the remotes before (I now affix them to the wall by the light switch) and had to replace a fan entirely. All else equal, the fans usually keep the tenants cooler without using A/C and they can reduce their costs. It’s easier to commit to stay longer when the utility costs aren’t crazy. I have to remember to install the metal brackets or pan ($10-25) to the studs to make sure it doesn’t vibrate itself off the wall. I have a 2 year old installed fan now that seems to have vibrated the ceiling and the popcorn like texture ceiling has spider cracks. That’s a first for me. I don’t know if he properly used the brackets. Sometimes I supply materials and the electrician doesn’t use them because they’re half-doing the work. Sometimes I only catch it after they’re finished and want to be paid.

In terms of TV mounts, I recommend the previous advice about making your wishes clearly known to your tenants about you require that they coordinate the installation through your handyman or a trusted professional handyman, and they will leave the mount and all its pieces upon departure or properly patch the spots (usually requires repainting the whole wall). (In my area, patching this wall costs more than the $100 mount).

@Bill Ward has a good point. If you pre-install the TV mounts, and they hang a larger TV on them, they will blame you when they fail and fall. If you take control (there's that silly concept again :-) and insist they use your handyman to install, then he will make sure that the mount is adequate for the size of the TV.

This is an easy one.....

Ceiling fans wired to wall switches to avoid tenants pulling out the starters.  And I've had at least two incidents where, upon moveout, one four blade ceiling fan was down to just three blades.