Offer letter

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I'm looking to send an offer letter to a seller of a triplex that resides out of state. Does anyone have a template or can give me some advice on how to approach them?

I'm sure my letter of intent to buy will not be his first from an investor. So how do I stand out from the rest?


Hello Juan,

I was looking for a template too, Each case will be different,

For instance, I am about to send an offer to a non-profit that owns an apartment complex so need to make sure I tackle the emotions and try to build rapport with them.

Below is part of my letter:

After reviewing the property on x st. it’s current condition, It is our intention to keep the integrity of the building as is, we will commit to keep serving the current tenants and respect the 55+ over tenant profile for the building. We believe that the Salvation Army has helped so much in our community and we wouldn't want to impact any of the positive already done.

Nonetheless, The building on X Ave is not being used and will require a significant investment to bring it to an acceptable condition to our standards while we keep offering affordable housing to our community. We are calculating that an initial investment of $75,000 will be required. The investment includes, updating all bathrooms and kitchens, flooring, update all windows, repair exterior damage, paint inside and outside the building, repurpose the two conference rooms and landscaping.

For the building on Y Ave, we will perform an investment of $110,000 gradually, which means that we will focus in the vacant units first, the investment will consist of updating the refrigerated air units, update kitchen and bathrooms, flooring, as well as the exterior and interior feel of the building.

As a Rotarian, I believe in serving my local community by offering high quality affordable housing and my business partner Shane shares the same mission.

Hopefully it helps to someone looking for some inspiration!