Stuck on Next Property

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A year and a half ago we bought our first home in North Austin with an attached apartment which has been renovated and is rented out. Last May we bought a duplex in Victoria, TX (our home town) 2 hours south from us. Both apartment and duplex are rented our with great tenants and everything is going smooth.

But now I'm stuck and not sure what type of property to buy or what to do next. I like multi-family because of dual incomes but Austin multi-family is pricey and Victoria has almost none. Any Texas investors have an idea of what to do next? Price range $80k-$150k.

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@Jeff - were familiar with Lockhart and Burnet, we drive through those towns often. What's going on there that makes a great rental market?

@Swan - I have some experience with renovation/construction and a flip would be a lot of fun for me. But it's my understanding that the only real way to do a flip is having cash for a foreclosure which I don't.