How to determine market rents for 2BED/2BATH 8 Unit Complex?

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I'm a wholesaler, and I just got a call from a motivated seller of an completely vacant 8 Unit Apartment. Each of the units are 2Bed/2Bath, so I was wondering where or how do I go about finding out the market rents for the property? (It's a total rehab in a C/D area)

Easiest way will be to call around to other Landlords or property managers for vacancies they have for similar type apartments in that area. You can also look to see what is listed on Craig's list in that area.

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The only way is to determine the rentability by using comps. This means actually visiting some of the comparable local properties and finding out what their rent numbers are. You can then try to extrapolate where these units are in comparison. Renters are picky as they should be. They want the best place to live for the money that they are going to spend.