First Week as a MF Owner

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I just finished my first week of owning a MF property. I have met with so many contractors that my head is spinning. So far, 2 of the 5 general contractors have called and said they can't do the job, they are too busy. That's the reality of the market today. So I am waiting to see what the other three say.

In the meantime, I have started calling my own subcontractors for bids and have had a lot better luck getting appointments and pricing.

Boy am I glad it's Friday!

Hi Kim!

Have you tried asking the BP forums for contractor recs?

Also, I found one of my contractors via a referral from a custom home builder and I found my handyman via redfin.

Also, once you find your contractor that's capable to help you with day to day repair work I suggest you create a system with your contractor for:

Rules of your property (Who will be doing the repair work, no minors)

Contractors license and insurance info

Billing (Online invoicing? Payments?)

Best of luck!

I'm in EXACTLY the same position. I closed a week ago last Thursday on a vacant triplex. I bought 3x1bd/1bt that I hope to turn into 3x2bd/2bt + 1x2bd/1bt. Doing the contractor shuffle right now.

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