rural rental property (4 units)

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I am looking into finding my first investment property, and have found a property that I believe has great potential. I am a little hesitant about the location of the property, as it is in a semi rural location. When I say semi rural, it is a country location with a short drive to many large towns/small cities. I was concerned with whether there would be enough demand to rent the property. I posted a feeler ad on Craigslist to attempt to determine the demand for rentals in the area. Much to my surprise, I received about 10 emails in a 24 hour span wanting to view the property.

Should I be encouraged with the amount of inquiries I received about the property, or is that pretty standard with what you would expect?

My other concern with a rural investment property, is the potential for disaster with on site sewage and water. Is this something that you would avoid at all costs with the potential large expense if one were to fail? Any advice would be greatly appreciated. I look forward to documenting my journey on this site. Thanks in advance.


Many people that I know do not want to rent in bigger cities, they rather live in rural areas with more privacy and more quiet. 10 e-mails on creigslist is awsome! Just imagine how many other potential renters that you could have contacting you in weeks to come by adversting in different ways. I would not at all be discouraged about the rural area, but of course I do not know what location you are talking about either.