City apartments. Richmond virginia

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What would be a good job to try and work for to learn about buying and selling city apartments?

If you mean as a career you could become a licensed agent and work for a big brokerage that only does city apartments in your area OR You can go work for a developer on an house sales team as an employee etc.

@Aaron Ross

New construction or redevelopment? You could go several routes:

  • Real estate agent for sales and/or leasing
  • Property Management
  • Development...within development you could go to
    • acquisitions
    • financing/funding
    • land development
    • planning & design
    • Construction management
    • Historic side - tax credits, subsidies, grants etc.

Working as an assistant or intern for the project head or principal for a development company (smaller...think less than 20MM/yr in development) could be a great job. You could learn a lot of different aspects of the business to give you an idea of what you like. There are many companies that encompass everything....owner/developer/manager. You will know these companies by walking around the city and looking at construction site signs. Who is active in the developing parts of the city in Richmond? You should find that out. You want to work with a growing company. Good luck!

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