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I'm looking for a broker or real estate agent who deals with multifamily properties in Orlando. Anyone who specializes in 2 - 4 unit residential properties or larger apartment properties out there that can help me out? I own single family properties in the area but am looking to expand into MF.

Greetings @Mark Neiger

I am a wholesaler working in the Central florida area. I will let you know when I have a MF property available if you are interested. I will also ask my Realtor if he is familiar with those type of properties also.

Keep in touch. Talk soon.

Thanks Dean. Let me know.

Hi Mark,

I am a Real Estate Broker here in Central Florida and Happy to assist you. Please feel free to contact me.

Mark Johnston; Broker, GRI, CDPE, REPM

Generous Investment Properties, Inc.

PO Box 352

Windermere, Fl 34786

Tel: 407.704.7653

Fax: 407.532.8858

Cell: 407.810.9220

email: [email protected]


We should all add eachother to our property update list because I am sure we all have buyers/sellers that could help us all make some $$ if we all work together. If anyone wants to be added to my list, PM me or email me at [email protected]

BTW mark I have a duplex for sale in Winter Haven for 29k right now that rents 500 a door(1k/mo)but needs work.

@Dean Cooper @Mark Johnston @Mark Neiger

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