MAI Who Specializes In Multifamily

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Good Morning!

My name is Cam and I am new to Bigger Pockets. I am a commercial real estate appraiser (MAI) in the Phoenix area and I specialize in multifamily. I am also very interested in becoming an investor at any level - starting small is fine with me. I see a wealth of information here and I am excited to learn my way around the site.

I also want to contribute and share my perspective (where applicable and appropriate) and be an active member on the forums, helping anyway I can. I would like to write a few articles that answer questions investors have for appraisers, keeping the investor's needs and interests central to the topics.

Are there any questions anybody has that I can help with? I typically appraise properties with 100 units or more, but I am willing to learn about smaller multifamily properties too. I can also field general appraisal questions.

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