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Hello everyone, I am a 19 year old from southern California who has been learning about multifamily investing and wants to get started. I have some questions I am hoping someone can answer. First question,is California a good place to invest for multi families or would I be better off learning and persuing out of state investmenting? Second question, am I too young to be taken seriously? Third question, are my local rei clubs worth going to since it seems all of them are mainly into flipping and wholesaling? Last question, what tips would you give someone in my situation. Thank you in advance for your answers and sorry if these questions have been brought up before.

Welcome, @Andrew Magallanes  !

I will start by saying that I know nothing about the So Cal market, so someone else will have to help you with that.

Second, I am new and have not done my first RE deal yet, but I can tell you that it is not your age that gets people to take you seriously, it is skill and confidence.  I used to be an ICU nurse and have always looked pretty young.  At first, I got a lot of "are you old enough to be doing this?" questions from patients and families.  However, when I showed them that I was confident in my skills, knew what I was doing and genuinely cared that I was taking the best care of them possible, I received nothing but good feedback.  The same is true for real estate and every other occupation in the world.  

Two things I liked lately that relate to that topic:

@Michael Quarles talks about how he started at a young age in the latest podcast (#77).

Hope that helps.  I will leave your other questions about Reias and advice for where to start to the other awesome people in the forums with more experience.

Have a good one, Andrew.  Good luck!

Thanks for the advice and for that podcast, definitely gonna check it out!

Listen to podcast #37, Aaron runs a thriving business in the inland empire

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