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Hello Everyone!!

I am Jonatan and I have been looking for mentors for the last 6 months and I have been having a hard time making the right connections in local associations and networking meetings. 

My goal is to write the business plan to find the right investors to buy an income multi-unit property. 

Could you please recommend me some books with business plan details and places to frequent to meet smart helpful people?



There are a lot of resources online.

I am in the process of putting together a business plan myself.

The real challenge is compiling data and presenting it in a compelling manor.

Step one is the outline though.

Plenty of outlines are available just searching "real estate business plan"

@Jonatan Jatombliansky  

The key thing I'd advise is not to just blindly copy and paste someone elses words.  You need to compose your own words and story and know it cold so that you can discuss and debate it in depth.  This shows a level of committment and drive vs.  "Well that is what was on this Business Plan on the internet that somebody else used to get a deal."

I don't think anyone can really "give" you the answer you are looking for.  It's something you have to learn and develop on your own.  Hang around here on the BiggerPockets blogs and listen to the podcasts and i think you'll find your answer.

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