Property Safety measures?.

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in a 2-4 unit property what are some safety measures have you taken?. I remember somebody telling me two years ago about fire alarms being very important, and how that safe him from legal trouble when one of this tenants kids were stuck in a fire. 

1. How do one go about acquiring fire alarms into the property?, or is that for 30+ units?.

2. What other measures besides fire alarm do you add besides insurence. 

@Abou C.   Smoke detectors, hard wired, are required in most areas now for rentals. If not required, they are a good idea. Fire extinguisher in the kitchen, with a clause in the lease that the tenant is responsible for maintaining them. There are many other safety issues to be aware of such as handrails, tread size and riser heights on stairs, door placements, etc. It is not fun reading, but you might want to become familiar with the building code, at least enough to know what parts apply to you.

@Walt Payne  Where can I find building code?, and for hard wiring where would I get that? the fire department or else where?. 

@Abou C.   There are books that put it in easily understandable language. You will find them in bookstores possibly, or on Amazon. 

Hard wired smoke detectors are normally installed by electricians. The advantage is that although they have a battery for backup, they normally operate without the battery. They also beep when battery power is insufficient, including if the battery is removed. Meaning, removing a battery due to beeping does not stop it.

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