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Hello everyone

I'm trying to find out which state is best to invest in multi unit property 5 families and up.

I'm looking for property in nice areas with positive cash flow in a state where the laws are ok for the landlord

Depends on the number of units. Owning out of state you will need a certain number of doors for it to make sense.

How much do you have to invest?? 250k,500k,1 million cash??

You might want to partner for a larger property if funds are limited. Buying a 10,15,20 unit is more hands on for  a number of reasons and I do not recommend that to out of state investors due to scale and infrastructure issues.  

@Curtis Tavernier  

I personally am a big fan of Atlanta, GA. I own a lot of property there, and the market is great. Great cash flow, and we're seeing some appreciation now.

Good luck!


Im looking to jump into buy and hold soon in Atlanta as well. Im still doing research to find the right area to invest. Looking for 4-plex or 6-plex.

Atlanta has a great market right now. I think single family homes are the best and easiest/quickest to flip or rent, in my opinion. A lot of areas here are starting to come up and property value is only gonna increase in the very near future. 

@Stevie Johnson @Jimmy ChangHello, I know this is an older post, but I'd like to ask your opinions. 

Which areas near Atlanta is good to have buy-and-hold properties. I am planning to buy a place to live and rent out the spare rooms. I'd love to have some suggestions so I can start looking into the areas. My price range is under $150,000.

Also, are multi-family homes not common or popular in Atlanta? During my research, I haven't seen many multi-family homes available.

@Eric Feng  Atlanta is huge.  There are dozens of good hold areas.  It might help to narrow down the quadrant of Atlanta, OTP/ITP, price range, etc.  

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