Multifamily Units and Apartments in Upstate Sc or Charlotte, NC

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Hey guys,

I've been trying to study the market for 4 unit and above multifamily properties and apartments in these areas, but can't seem to get a grip on the market. I live in the upstate but work in Charlotte and I know Charlotte is continuing to thrive and grow as a city and see a lot of student housing being built around UNC-Charlotte but wasn't sure in terms of quads and larger apartments. Hopefully, you guys may know more than me. Looking to get a fourplex (on my own) or apartment complex through syndication.

If you can get a 4 unit, live in 1 and rent out the other 3 in the Charlotte NC you would be ahead of the game.  Its a great place.   I am there now, but moving to Atlanta in 2 weeks.  Its a hot rental market right now.  I know investors buying up property for this very reason.  

Thanks for the article, @Giovanni Isaksen !

@Gerald Harris   I would love to do that my spouse isn't gung ho on that idea with us having two small little girls (7 years old and 10 months) and considering we just bought our house last year so we would be taking a huge bath. Will you still have properties in Charlotte or are you getting rid of those now?

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