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I know there are a couple of Excel spreadsheets here on BP, but does anyone use any Multifamily Deal Analysis Software that calculates everything for you? If so, what is that software and what are your experiences?  Something in the cloud would be preferrable.

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This is Excel but it is very good:

Have you looked at BP's Rental Property Calculator?

It doesn't do a full discounted cash flow analysis and is U.S.A. specific, but it is in the Ether.

@Gretchen Roberts  Thanks Gretchen.  I hadn't seen this before and it looks pretty awesome.  Do you know anyone who's paid for it?

@Roy N.   Thanks for sharing Roy.


@Jeff Trevarthen  Well, I bought it. I haven't done any real deals yet but have been using it to practice with pro formas so I can better understand the numbers. Seems to me to be the real deal, refined with years of real use by a real investor.

@Jeff Trevarthen  

We looked at it an a couple of others, but in the end wrote out own (helps that we are originally software geeks) as we needed a tool capable of analyzing deals in Canada.

Another product which may work for you is InvestorApt multifamily analysis (  @Loretta A. Steele  , one of the principals, is a BP member, though I have not seen her here lately.

Note:  No affiliation with Lincoln-Steele or their products.

I've found that building your own analyzer to fit your needs is generally the best method.  It forces you to truely understand the numbers.

I agree with @Frankie Woods  . While looking at other peoples analyzers is helpful in understanding what kind calculations you want to do and which inputs you can (and should) gather, nothing is going to help you understand the numbers like forcing yourself to figure out how to calculate them.

As this is a numbers game, this is an advantage you will want to have.

Understanding all the metrics will help you smell out the BS when some is trying to show you dodgy numbers.

I have a very basic excel so far and even that has gotten me to the point that I can tell real estate agents to go do their homework.

I like propertyevaluator a lot it is simple to use and provides with good output that can be shared too via email etc.

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