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Hi everyone!  I am pretty new to Bigger Pockets.  I am also new to the investing with real estate game.  I game i would love to win.  I currently have a single family rented and a duplex.  The duplex just got rented on the one side.  The other side i am still doing renovates to.  Tonight while working on mudding some holes i heard my tenant walking on the other side of the wall.  I did have the walls blown in with insulation it did help some but not enough in my opinion.  Anyway i kind of feel bad working there when they are home.  Although i did tell them before they moved in that i still have some work to do on the other side.  I know this may sound silly and yes i am not the one living there, but will they stay if they can hear their neighbors?  What are your thoughts on this topic?  Thanks Jon

Hi Jon,

It's common for there to be noise transfer on common walls. If the unit you are working in is empty the noise is probably heightened. Couches and area rugs will help dampen the noise once tenants move in.

Hopefully your tenants will be respectful to each other and try to keep the noise within reason. 

I'll save the story of my tenants' dueling stereos for another day!

Thanks Dan, yes it is empty but does have carpet down.  Their side is laminate flooring, which now i know what a mistake.  As for the stereo duel, o man i hope that doesn't happen.

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