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I don't fully agree with the following article.  It does bring up some good points.  I don't know what the desired direction is to go for investors.  I do know that a lot of people breaking in to the market these days will grow tired of the low returns that they are getting coupled with all the hassles.

I certainly don't have a crystal ball though.

Are we in a multifamily bubble?

@Steve Olafson  it's something I think about often. I do believe that in all things, and particularly in investing, Regression to the Mean is the rule.

Multi-family investing is associated with urban living. Particularly in New York, I see multi-family fervor that is slightly misplaced. When urban-dwelling millennials start having children, and those children become adolescents.

I know one non-millionaire family who stayed in NYC for the adolescence of their children. 

Everyone else gets right out into the single-family, suburban market. The demand for multi-family homes is high, thanks (in part) to childless millennials and their empty nest parents. All I know: it's a great time to get out there and get a good price on single family homes.

@Trevor Ewen  

New York is definitely one of those locations that has unique indicators with it. 

Two years ago my employer purchased two apartment buildings. One with 87 units, paid $53,000 per door and the other one with 37 units, paid $51,000 per door. He is the market to purchase another building but can't find any good deals and the ones selling are not taking any less than $65,000 per door.

There are many markets.  It is very difficult generalize as to the whole US market.  Time would be better spent on the specific market of interest.  What is the job growth, the population growth, the demographics, the ability of your potential renters to buy,  etc.

Real Estate is local and National Projections, while encouraging at this time, have a limited value on the projection of the local market.

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