Individual Water Meter Legal Problems

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I have a complex thats been billed as one but the units are indiviudally metered. I want to change to bill them individually.  What legally do I have to do to make this transition?


Talk to the water utility?  And obviously, you need to change your leases upon expiration, if any, or provide proper notices to month-to-month tenants.

Talk to the water co. The option to put water in the tenants name may or may not be available to you.

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Every state is different. MA didn't allow submetering of water for a very very long time. When energy and water conservation became big several years ago, the state passed a law allowing it..but requires all low-flow fixtures and an inspection from the health department.

When I did the research a few years back I believe I read that 'sub-metering' generally allows the landlord to bill the tenants though the landlord still pays the bill on the primary meter. 

No one really does it though because these old multi's have piping in all sorts of crazy configurations that isn't conducive to splitting it.