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My name is Abou from Providence, Rhode Island currently a student in RI and graduating from a community college to a state college for my B.A in finance.  I am studying to take my Re sales test next month and my business partner Luis and I are going to acquire our first investment property in RI. Currently we are focusing on the college market niche as out first investment in our buy and hold strategy.  We would love to meet local investors and gain and get our hands dirty and learn as well as pay our dues. I just don't know how to go about it. I would if any Rhode Island or borderline mass could assist. 

@Abou C. - Welcome to the site! I will make a few suggestions. Start attending a (or several) local REIA meetings. The ones that I know about are the RI Real Estate Investors Group and Black Diamond Real Estate Investors. I have personally attended the RI group meetings for the past 6-7 months and have learned a lot and made some great connections.

The second thing that I would do is setup your keyword alerts here on BP to alert you whenever someone mentions the area you are interested in.  This could be very specific, such as 'Providence' or could be more general like 'Rhode Island'.  Once you set this up, you can check in on the conversations other investors are having about your area, and possibly chime in where you have some knowledge to share.

Good luck to you in the future!  Hope to see you at one of the future meetings!

Are you looking in providence or south county? We have south county property. There are many local issues in RI that you need to be aware of and as you state students are a unique market. I have not gone to REI group meetings as my travel doesn't sync up but hear they are a good resource. There are also local issues depending on your area of investment. Make sure you are aware of student targeted ordinances, south country has them, not sure about providence.

Abou, as Jason and Colleen said, there is a RI real estate investor group ( and also several Mass groups - the only one of which I've gone to is Black Diamond REI ( I believe RIREIG meets monthly (third Thursday of the month) and Black Diamond twice a month (Tuesdays - see website for schedule).

I've also been investing in RI since 2005 and would be happy to meet with you and/or your partner sometime, just send me a private message. My partners and I are cash buyers, if you're looking to wholesale (as many new people do) or I can also give you my thoughts on buy-and-hold as that's my preferred long-term strategy.

Abou, welcome to BP.

Personally, I think you should get to as many events as you can to meet people, since you never know if that one missing component of a deal is solved by the next person you meet.  There are several groups on the South Shore: and  For RI information, you should really try to attend the RIREIG, as state specific information is critical.  

Our Black Diamond group provides much information that is general and some information that is MA centric, but we don't cover RI information per se.  

And @Jason King and @Anthony Thompson   thanks for the mention of Black Diamond.

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