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Hello bigger pockets!

I am 26 years old, working full time in the Los Angeles area.  This is my first time actually going on this forum and posting; however, I am an advocate listener to the Bigger Pocket's podcast!  I would love for the opportunity to learn this business, specifically in the buy and hold aspect.  The idea of having financial security and the possibility of early retirement present an exciting opportunity for me.  

I would love the idea of someone on Bigger Pockets giving me the opportunity to work/intern for them and taking me under their wings as a protege.  

Thank you for your consideration!

I think your first goal should be for you to create your value add opportunity for the mentor. One method is getting your real estate license.  The next thing is that you can find potential mentors at real estate investment groups. If you have your real estate license you can usually find a commercial internship. 

Thanks for the advice jonathan!  I am in the process of acquiring my real estate license.  I should be done with my coursework by mid march.  

Where would you find a commercial internship?   is it through a real estate agency? Thanks for the advice.

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