What would be a good offer for owner financing a Four-Plex

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I recently found a four-plex for sale close to my area and was thinking about making it my first REI property. I need some advice considering I'm new to REI. The owner complied to owner financing and provided financial documentation on the past 2 years of ownership. The list price is $419,000 and each of the 4 units are 2 bed, 2.5 bath and 1150 sq. ft. The current owners are charging 720, 745, 750, and 750 a month currently in rent.

2013:  Total rent paid in was $32,676.  Total expenses including pest control and rehab, wind, hail, fire, and liability insurance, taxes, county fees, and town fees was $6005.

2014: Total rent paid in was $34,905.  Total expenses were $6,800.

I'm purchasing my own house in May-June and paying for a honey moon and part of a wedding for my fiancé and I in August which is consuming my down payment money.  I have been renting a place and have only a vehicle as an asset and cant get a bigger loan from the bank.  The REA asked me if I wanted to proceed in making an offer but I'm clueless as what to offer especially with little to know availability for a down payment.  Any advice on what I should try to do or what would be a good payment to make it a cash flow positive property for me, or should I just wait until I save up enough money and look for other investments in the process?  Thanks!

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